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This collection of website features will help you optimize your site’s potential.

It’s more than just looking. As a Wix Partner who has created hundreds of websites, I understand (together with the Wix Professional team members) that a good site is more than simply a gorgeous picture. The most important website elements are simple navigation, an intuitive design, and strong security. This list of website features will be useful whether you’re attempting to figure out how to make a Wix website or improving an existing one with the help of a seo company in Dubai.

Navigation is intuitive
It would be beneficial if you made it simple for visitors to find what they desire. It is critical to make your website easy to use. An easy-to-use website will help visitors navigate their experience.

The user experience (UX) design component of website development not only benefits site visitors, but it also enables site owners to govern their users’ behavior. As a web designer, it is my obligation to create paths that direct users to the destinations that my clients want. For example, the website Symmetry encourages visitors to try out a demo. I designed a grapefruit-colored “Book a Demo” call-to-action (CTA) button that pops out against the blue background. Then I placed it twice above the fold.

Search engines can also grasp a website’s structure if it includes user-friendly features. Implementing navigational features increases the likelihood that search engines will index and rank your web pages.

We’ll go over some characteristics of your website that will make it easier to navigate.

Breadcrumb Trails:
A breadcrumb trail indicates where visitors are on a website and helps them comprehend its structure. Visitors can also quickly access the higher-level pages. Normally, the top of the page displays breadcrumb trails, which show the visitor’s path to the current page. Wix allows you to personalize Breadcrumb Trails to fit your brand and requirements.

Calls to action are clear:

When properly developed, CTA buttons increase conversions and direct users to the desired activities. The language on the button must be simple and precise to avoid confusion about what it does. Users can construct animated buttons to increase the control’s visibility and interactivity. For example, I added a mouseover effect to the CTA button on the GG Event House website. When the mouse moves over the CTA, confetti appears.

A navigation bar, often known as a menu bar or header, contains connections to the main sections of a website. This critical website component enables users to traverse the region easily. To prevent confusing site visitors, I employ single-level menus. However, sophisticated websites may benefit from tiered menus. For example, when building the Primavera Clinic website, I designed a custom navigation that separates the menu into three panes.

A responsive website’s layouts adapt to the size and angle of the visitor’s browser. This responsiveness ensures that the website looks and functions properly, regardless of the device used to access it. This feature simplifies the website design process by eliminating the requirement for the site owner to generate separate desktop and mobile versions of each page.

Wix Editor provides a variety of features to help users make their websites more responsive.

Customizable layouts

Strips and columns



Full-width elements.

Container boxes

Accessibility for everyone
The World Health Organization estimates that over a billion people suffer from disabilities. A company risks losing potential customers if its website fails to cater to these people. A website that does not comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) may also result in a lawsuit.

Here are some of the website characteristics required for accessibility.

Customers who are colorblind or have poor vision find it difficult to see text that is too similar to the backdrop color. Use the color contrast checker to quickly examine your color scheme.

Keyboard Navigation: People with vision or movement problems rely on the keyboard rather than the mouse.

Simplified Language: By writing in a conversational tone and using simple vocabulary, you can help people with learning disabilities (and skim-readers) understand your website.

For those who are visually impaired, screen readers use alternative text to translate visuals.

A clear hierarchy

Create your website and its materials in a hierarchical order so that information flows from the most excellent to the least important. To make it easier for keyboard users to browse your site, use headings consistently throughout.

Fonts that are easily readable: Choose typefaces with basic or recognizable characters to help people with dyslexia and learning difficulties read more comfortably.

Wix’s accessibility wizard assists me in identifying and resolving accessibility issues that I might otherwise overlook. This application ensures that all visitors, regardless of ability, can access and navigate your website. The Wizard does not address every facet of web accessibility. Hire an accessibility professional to assess your website and identify any obvious faults.

Mobile-friendly interface

In February 2024, mobile devices accounted for nearly 67% of traffic. The bulk of consumers will most likely visit your website using their mobile devices. You may need to make improvements to your mobile site.

The mobile-friendly design will also help consumers find your company through search engines. Through mobile indexing, Google prioritizes mobile-optimized websites.

Your mobile website should be simple to navigate, quick to load, and interactive. Mobile-friendly websites aren’t just responsive. A straightforward navigation mechanism, easily visible typography, and quick-loading graphics are also required.

Wix’s Mobile Editor allows you to rapidly adapt your desktop website to smaller screens. You can add and remove items, as well as entirely change the layout. I especially like the quick-action bar element on the website because it encourages mobile visitors to contact the company.

Attractive design

A visually appealing design might entice visitors to spend more time on your website. This can lead to higher engagement and a lower bounce rate. A visually appealing website can represent professionalism and integrity, establishing your business and products as dependable and trustworthy sources of information.

Over the past six years, MOOI Clinic has extensively employed me to rebuild their website. The investment in the website guaranteed that it was always up-to-date and evolving with their business. According to the proprietor, these measures have increased credibility and success.

You do not need to be an expert designer to use this function. Wix provides hundreds of templates that you can customize to match your individual requirements.

Seo company dubai