We treasure our heritage

Handmade Indian rugs are perhaps our most valuable asset. Carpet manufacture in India is a very old, well-established craft that employs over a million rural laborers. The astonishing Indian handmade carpet industry is well-known all over the world for offering hand-knotted woolen carpets to customers. Indian hand-knotted rugs are the most popular among global buyers due to their natural beauty and exclusivity. Customers praise the hand-knotted luxury rugs for their superb craftsmanship. Hand-knotted carpets have a long-lasting gloss, easily settle in the desired location, have a soft-yielding feel, are of excellent quality, are simple to clean and maintain, and may be customized.

These hand-knotted carpets have a wool pile. Carpets are made from three types of wool: (Indian) Bikaner wool, 100% New Zealand wool, and blended wool. These 100% New Zealand wool rugs provide maximum gloss and softness. Bhadohi, often known as Carpet City, is home to South Asia’s largest hand-knotted carpet weaving industry.

Despite their elegant appearance, hard flooring materials can be dangerous since they are slippery. If you trip and fall on tile, stone, or wood, you are likely to sustain bruises and wounds. Children and the elderly are especially prone to these slips and falls.

Although it is possible to install carpet wall-to-wall without the use of a stretcher, the results may be less than satisfactory. Wrinkles and lumps may form as a result of not utilizing a stretcher while placing carpet. To correctly lay carpets in the living room, you’ll need two types of stretchers: a long power stretcher that you can brace against the walls to draw the carpet taut over the entire room, and a knee kicker to kick the edges under the tack strips and into corners.
Heat Protection
The carpets in Dubai appear warm and silky. If you live in a cold region, you’ll benefit from flooring that can effectively retain heat. Over time, it may lead to cheaper energy and heating expenditures.

Noise Reduction
Modern carpets are widely utilized in houses, hotels, and apartments because they reduce the amount of noise that escapes the place. Rooms may have electronic gadgets such as televisions and stereos.

Acts as a sitting and play area
Living with young children can be challenging. While protecting their children from harm, parents encourage them to play, explore, and learn new things. Wall-to-wall carpeting provides all of this. Carpet flooring provides a cushioned area on which your children can play without needing to purchase rubber mats.

We treasure our heritage